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Imagine a football league composed of teams of orcs, goblins, elves, dwarves and humans. As a trainer, you manage one of those teams and guide your players through the matches. Blood Bowl League is an adaption of the Games Workshop game Blood Bowl, based on the current edition of the rules ( download a similar edition of the rules  ). When finished, the game will allow you to play against an AI trainer or another human, either hotseat or via network, to participate in a league or just play a single match. BloodBowlLeague is an open source project, maintained on the servers of

With the current version you can play a hotseat game in English or German.

The teams consist of the four different human player types. They have 3 rerolls.

This project is looking for graphics artists. If you want to do graphics for Blood Bowl League (especially pictures for the missing player types and star players), please send a mail to the project admin.

Click on the screenshots for original size versions.

To Do List


  • not all components of the circle menu are visible when it's displayed above the end zones


  • it's not possible to throw the ball into an empty square or off the field
  • add more teams ( Skaven, Amazons and High Elves will come next ) 
  • the receiving team is not chosen randomly


  • a screen where teams can be assembled, an options screen, a play hotseat game screen, an about screen
  • there are no "touchdown", "red wins", "blue wins" and "draw" markers
  • players should leave blood stains on the ground when they get injured
  • a name generator for new players
  • a way to send messages

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